In the beginning of my relationship with my now husband, I had my own business and many luxuries that can be afforded with financial success. I hired a housekeeper to keep our home spotless the way my meticulous husband demands. All was well in our world at that time. But as often occurs, out little house of cards blew down with an ill wind.

I became very ill necessitating the closure of my business and my isolated recuperation for a couple of years. Naturally, the housekeeper was one of the first luxuries to go, so I did my best at doing some light housekeeping as I recuperated. I actually felt quite accomplished at the task considering my debilitating illness. It is my feeling that a home should have a “lived-in” eclectic look to feel warm and welcoming.

My husband is a dear man and, of course, my illness was depressing and frightening to him because I had changed so much. His frustration took the form of great displeasure at the appearance of the house. Often people who are unable to control inner situations attempt to correct them by being meticulous or compulsively organized, (i.e. controlling the exterior environment). So, I began to feel like Cinderella under the unreasonable demands of an authoritarian house master. I was the Cinderella who didn’t get to go to the ball, but had dreams of the past when I was in my glory. In fact, when we celebrated our wedding anniversary I bought my special gown at a boutique named, that’s right….Cinderella!

I love my husband dearly and sought resolution to the dilemma. I recalled a conversation I had with a friend in which he explained he had solved a severe problem with a glass of water! Needless to say, I was a bit sceptical. But he explained the Silva Method developed by Jose Silva back in 1944. Mr. Silva learned that the alpha function of the brain can be reached in sleep and can provide answers to problems that occur in the beta (waking) state. One simply drinks a half glass of water upon retiring and raises the eyes to looking up (either closed or open, which activates the specific brain function you are addressing) and asks the brain to reveal a solution. Then you go to sleep, and upon waking, drink the other half glass of water. The images that flash across your mind’s screen will give you clues to the remedy. Sometimes it comes in the form of a dream while you are sleeping, if so, you will recall upon waking. Otherwise, the images will come to you during your daily routine.

I learned from the studies of Masaru Emoto that water is a mirror reflecting the mind, so I found validity in what my friend had said about Silva’s technique. That night I drank my half glass of water and went right to sleep. At 4:00 o’clock a.m., I awoke with total recall of a dream! My meticulous husband was ranting and raving to our housekeeper about his wife’s poor standards of cleanliness and tidiness. I stepped in and said, “This is ridiculous, do not discuss this situation with the employee, this is between you and me!” In the dream he became livid and yelled, “I can’t discuss this with you!” Indignantly, I huffed, “Okay, fine I resign, effective immediately!” Then still in the dream state I reflected to myself, “Ha, this is really ludicrous. It is so obvious and simple. This isn’t my problem at all, it is his!”

Right away the synchronicity began to validate that epiphany I had with the water method. Dearest husband did not stop being meticulous and at times, he did become finicky and complain. But I stayed firm in my belief that I would not feel downtrodden or guilty for his idiosyncrasies. Very soon after the epiphany, he gave me a movie to watch (to divert my attention from the computer he wanted to use, LOL). Guess what it was? Yes, that is right, Cinderella!

Continuing my path of awareness, the movie was a dramatic presentation of a modern day Cinderella. Was I imagining it or did the girl in the movie resemble me (even physically) greatly? In the movie, she thought that as long as she was kind and served others her acts would be reciprocated. But that was not the scenario (nor is it in reality), people pushed her past the point of no return and she became furious! Finally, she drew boundaries around herself and began to stand from a position of power, disallowing any more misuse and abuse of her good nature. She wasn’t supposed to save the world, or mankind. She was supposed to grow strong within herself and make her own Universe complete. Hello…someone must have been spying on my life and wrote the movie based on a true story!

The happy ending for this Cinderella story is that the Silva Method allowed my mind to mirror a resolution to my dilemma and provide a true epiphany that will serve me well for the rest of my life. I am now a Silva student and am taking the Silva Course, practicing it daily. I am very grateful to Silva for creating this program that has given me a positive outlook on my future. So, watch out world, this is Cinderella is moving into magnificence and intends to grow ad infinitum! 

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